Barberside featured on San Diego Centric with Chris Cantore (video) May 28 2013

Dapper Society Review by JC: Pre-Shave Oil (Lemon) May 10 2013

"Finally back with another Barber Side product! This time I’m checking out their pre-shave oil..."

"This one comes in a badass little clear glass bottle with a black screw top lid. The bottle reminds me of a small size cologne bottle or something..."

"When I unscrewed the lid I was really surprised to see this oil filled to the brim! Usually there is a bit of a gap between the top of the oil and the top of the bottle. But like most of their other products you really get some bang for your buck! You can see the yellowish clear oil through the glass bottle. The scent on it is a very subtle lemon scent with a slight soapy scent too. It kind of slightly resembles their shave cream..."

"As I ran my hands over my face I notice a difference right off the bat. It was easier to apply and spread across my face and neck. I was able to make it go pretty far as well..."

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Dapper Society Review by JC: Bubble Gumm Pomade March 01 2013

"When you go to open the tin you see the pomade through the lid. Which in my opinion is pretty awesome! I’ve only ever seen one tin like this before, but it wasn’t the entire lid, just a small piece in the center was clear. The pomade is a blue raspberry candy color, not something you see everyday. I like seeing pomades come in different colors, especially not very common colors, it makes things more interesting for me. When you pull the lid off you smell the sweet scent of “dubble bubble” chewing gum!..."

"As I grabbed a scoop of the pomade I was very pleasantly met with a nice firm grease! Very similar to Royal Crown Pomade, which is one of my favorite pomades. You can see in the pictures, that this pomade is filled to the brim, almost overflowing! Something you almost never see when it comes to pomades, and a very nice surprise!..."

"When I spread the grease in my hands I was in pomade heaven, this type of pomade is my favorite. I just love the nice thick greases, they work great in my hair and give me incredible shine! It also kept its texture in my hands, and didn’t get really oily when it heated up like some greases do. I’m really liking this stuff a lot!..."

"When I formed my pomp it stayed right in place, I didn’t have to keep messing with it to get it right. It just kind of went right where I like it the on the first go. And you can see that shine on the front right off the get go, YES! I was really surprised how fast this stuff allowed me to get my hair into place, I was drone combing and had snapped the first picture in under 3 minutes. I was really happy with how this pomade made my hair look..."

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Dapper Society Review by JC: Secret Sauce February 26 2013

"I’m checking out another hair cream today. This time I’m using Barber Side’s Secret Sauce, it’s a “natural hair creme.” After trying out their shaving cream, I wanted to stick to their products and finish out what all I had. So this one is next, here we go..."

"This creme comes in very unique packaging. It’s in a clear, soft-plastic ketchup bottle, like the ones at burger stands. This is really rad!! I love this bottle, it really stands(no pun intended)out in my collection. I really like unique or different packaging, they make collections more fun looking and interesting. The layout of this one is kind of similar to the shaving cream. Red ink, with a cream colored background, because of the product..."

"Now this stuff isn’t like most hair creams, it washes off you hands with just water unlike most. Also unlike most it didn’t wash out of my my hair with just water. However one quarter size dollop of any regular shampoo gets it out no problem. My hair was super soft after using this cream too! I think it’s going to be my go to conditioner to use in between pomades..."

"I highly recommend this hair creme! Even if you only use it as a topper or conditioner, it’s definitely worth having. I will be using it very often in the future, plus the unique packaging makes a great addition to my collection. So head on over to - - and grab a bottle or two of this stuff. And while you’re there, check out their other products. I will be continuing the Barber Side hair care line with the Bubble Gumm pomade next, so stay tuned!..."

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