CityBeat Article by Jim Ruland: Best Old-School Feast for the Senses for $16 October 01 2011

Excerpted from CityBeat's 2011 Best of San Diego edition. Section written by Jim Ruland.

"You’ll be greeted by a barber as soon as you enter the shop. Conversations are carried out over the droning buzz of clippers. The smell of pomade hangs in the air with the occasional whiff of menthol and wintergreen. Whether you go for a full-on shave or a regular haircut, the scrape of a straight razor on your skin feels different than any other shaving experience. And is there a more bracingly pleasant sensation than a hot-towel treatment?..."

"Barber Side has been in operation since 2007 but has doing business out of its 3506 Adams Ave. address in Normal Heights since December 2009. The décor is a confusing mish-mash of pre- and post-war Americana. Boxing illustrations, bowler hats and cigarette signs. It’s a like a depository for cool, useless stuff that a man reluctantly parts ways with when his family outgrows its house. Even the barber chairs are relics, marvelous hunks of metal with ashtrays built into the arm rests..."

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